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AltTester - Test automation tools for Unity apps and games

A UI driven test automation tool for Unity that helps you find objects in your application and interacts with them using tests written in C#, Python or Java. You can run your tests on real devices (mobile, PCs, etc.) or inside the Unity Editor.

During the period from 2021 to 2024, I worked on AltTester, an innovative UI-driven test automation tool designed specifically for Unity applications and games. AltTester empowers developers to streamline their testing processes by effortlessly identifying and interacting with objects within their Unity projects using tests written in C#, Python, or Java. Whether running tests on real devices such as mobile phones and PCs or within the Unity Editor itself, AltTester offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring the reliability and functionality of Unity projects.

AltTester has made a significant impact, assisting over 5,000 users in testing their games effectively.

Key Features

  1. Instrumentation for End-to-End Test Automation:

    • Establish a connection within the game to identify and interact with Unity objects seamlessly.
    • Simulate various types of device input, supporting both Input Manager and Input System configurations.
    • Utilize and modify methods and properties within your Unity projects effortlessly.
  2. Game Object Hierarchy Inspection:

    • Easily inspect the hierarchy of game objects and access their properties without needing to delve into the source code.
    • Obtain object components, assemblies, methods, fields, and properties conveniently.
    • Interact with your game directly from AltTester Desktop using keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and joystick actions.
    • Load any scene or level and control the game’s speed for debugging and test design purposes.
  3. Test Recording for Rapid Test Generation:

    • Record steps to generate automated tests quickly and efficiently.
    • Capture actions within a screenshot area (select, click, press key) and view the generated code based on the recorded actions.
    • Assert properties to specific values and seamlessly copy the generated code to your test files for further editing and execution.
  4. Cross-Device Test Execution:

    • Run automated tests on a variety of real devices, including PC, mobile, and console platforms.
    • Write tests in C#, Python, or Java, leveraging popular test frameworks.
    • Seamlessly integrate with Appium and device cloud services like BitBar or AWS Device Farm, and include screenshots in your test reports for comprehensive analysis.

My Role

During my tenure with AltTester, I served as a Software Developer within a dynamic team comprising 6 to 10 members. My responsibilities spanned across various facets of the project, with a primary focus on enhancing the WebSocket Server functionality, implementing support for WebGL, and integrating with cloud platforms such as BrowserStack and BitBar. Additionally, I contributed to enhancing the Python package, ensuring its seamless integration within the AltTester ecosystem.

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