Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past — some still actively maintained, and others retired or on pause.

  • AltWalker is an open-source Model-Based Testing framework that I developed in 2018 and have maintained since. It supports running tests written in Python 3 and .NET/C#. With AltWalker, you design your tests as a directed graph, and it generates test cases from your graph using GraphWalker and executes them.

    AltWalker has garnered substantial attention, accumulating over 46K downloads on PyPi.

  • AltTester - Test automation tools for Unity apps and games

    Unity .NET WebSockets WebGL iOS Android

    During the period from 2021 to 2024, I worked on AltTester, an innovative UI-driven test automation tool designed specifically for Unity applications and games. AltTester empowers developers to streamline their testing processes by effortlessly identifying and interacting with objects within their Unity projects using tests written in C#, Python, or Java. Whether running tests on real devices such as mobile phones and PCs or within the Unity Editor itself, AltTester offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring the reliability and functionality of Unity projects.

    AltTester has made a significant impact, assisting over 5,000 users in testing their games effectively.

You can find the rest of my open-source project on GitHub ↗.